[Letterhead: Goupil Paris]

Paris, 9 Dec. 1875

My dear Theo,
This morning I heard from home what happened to you,1 and I wanted to write to you immediately.
If only I knew what I could do for you. One of these days a crate will be going to The Hague; I’ll put some chocolate in it. Gladwell calls that ‘Consolation’. I’ll also send you the little book by Jules Breton,2 at least if I can get it back. I’ve lent it out.
I’m very anxious to hear how you are, so drop me a line soon and tell me in detail, if you will, how it was with you those days.
How I’d like to be with you, Theo, but what can we do about it? It can’t be helped, old boy. In a fortnight  1r:2 I’ll be going home, and then we hope to see each other in any case, and our seeing each other won’t be any the less wonderful for what has happened.
If you should see Uncle Jan,3 please give him my regards and thank him for his letter.
I received a letter from Anna today. I believe she’s reconciled to celebrating Christmas there, with a will and enthusiasm, and will help to make it a success.
You must try and become good friends with Uncle Jan; I don’t know him well, but I do know he is ‘fine gold’.4
How cold it’s been. Fortunately, it started to thaw here yesterday, which was fine with me.
These last few days I’ve been busy with the inventory &c., and trying to finish off one thing and another before I leave.
And now Theo, in thought a hearty handshake, my heartfelt wishes for your recovery, old chap. Ever

Your most loving brother


Br. 1990: 059 | CL: 47
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: Paris, Thursday, 9 December 1875

1. ‘Theo had fallen on the slippery street and had seriously injured his foot’, according to Jo van Gogh-Bonger in Brieven 1914, p. 46. On 11 December Theo’s father expressed his concern: ‘We are anxious to hear what effect the water glass [sodium silicate] bandage has had, and whether you’re rid of the iron machine. But old chap! Take care! And don’t take any chances! It’s better to lie on your back yet a while than to be forced to sit any longer’ (FR b2379).
3. Johannes van Gogh, a brother of Mr van Gogh.
4. Biblical: see, for example, Ps. 19:11 (in KJ Ps. 19:10) and Isa. 13:12.