[Letterhead: Goupil Paris]

Paris, 4 Dec. 1875

My dear Theo,
A few words in haste because tomorrow is the Feast of St Nicholas.1 That’s such a nice day in Holland, I’d like to see it again sometime.
It’s time for Christmas to come, don’t you think? We’ll have a great deal to talk about. It’s a pity that Anna can’t come either;2 I so much hope that she’ll have a good time then too. Christmas in England is very special, and perhaps Anna will become even more attached to her surroundings if she celebrates it there and helps to make things pleasant in the house there.
My worthy Englishman (his name is Gladwell) is also going home for a couple of days. You can imagine how much he longs for it; he has never really been away from home before.  1r:2
Do write again soon.
Do you ever visit Uncle Cor? If he should ever invite you, accept by all means, and give him my regards if you see him.
Is it as cold there as it is here? Gladwell and I are very cosy by our little stove, mornings and evenings.
I’ve taken up pipe-smoking again, and sometimes it tastes just as good as it used to.
Regards to everyone who asks after me, especially to the Rooses, and also to Jan and Piet.3
I shake your hand heartily in thought, and am ever

Your loving brother


Br. 1990: 058 | CL: 46
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: Paris, Saturday, 4 December 1875

1. The Dutch celebrate the feast of St Nicholas by giving presents to family members and friends on 5 December, the eve of the saint’s name day (6 December).
2. Their sister Willemien was also not going to be there at Christmas.
a. Here meaning ‘Bijzonder, opmerkelijk’ (special).
3. Theo’s co-workers at Goupil’s; see letter 19, n. 11.