The Hague, 7 Sept. 1875

My dear Vincent,
Weehuizen died last spring. I thought you knew. He died very suddenly, after being ill for a couple of days. He died in hospital without anyone with him. I very much regretted not being with him. I had been with him a lot before then. He had read the book by Michelet, ‘L’amour’,1 and had talked a lot about it with me; he thought it so beautiful, and he loved nature so much  1v:2 and sought in it a quiet melancholy.
Last Sunday I heard a beautiful sermon. Jesus wept.2
I thank you for the lithographs and the book by Michel that you’ve promised me;3 I’m eager to see them.
I gave your letter to Borchers, they look like good people. I hope to go there more often. Today we received the nouveautés, which included the print after Rembrandt.4 It looks beautiful, the figure of Jesus, in particular, is beautiful, and the whole is noble. Adieu, I wish you well.

Your loving

The frames for the engravings for Ma’s birthday5 cost 4 guilders apiece.


Br. 1990: 045 | CL: 36a
From: Theo van Gogh
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: The Hague, Tuesday, 7 September 1875

5. Regarding this birthday, see letter 41, n. 9.