Dear Sir,
I have received your letter.1 Please forgive me for having had to keep you waiting longer than was my intention. I have not been quite well for a while, and several other things have got in my way. I cannot yet say anything definite about my journey, and do not know when I will be back in The Hague again.
Perhaps I will see you again before long, though, and otherwise I will try to send you some more very soon.
However, the New Year is approaching and it is definitely not convenient at this moment.
I respectfully remain,

Your servant
Vincent van Gogh

As soon as I know something definite about my trip to Drenthe myself, namely how long I’ll be there, I’ll write and tell you. Would Kiesenberg be so good as to see whether it might be leaking on the drawings in the attic in this wet weather? I think it should be all right, though.


Br. 1990: 414 | CL: -
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Michiel de Zwart
Date: Nuenen, Monday, 10 December 1883

1. In letter 408 of 1 December 1883, Vincent told Theo that he had received a note from his former landlord in The Hague. The present letter is his reply to that.