Schenkweg 14 March.

Last Monday1 I paid Giesenberg2 not only the 4.603 guilders due that day but also a further 10 guilders.
In accordance with the matter dealt with in my letter of last month with regard to the attic room.4
May I now count on your kind consideration in respect of fitting it up efficiently?
Otherwise leaving it to you, naturally, to decide how you want to do it.
I respectfully remain,

Your servant
Vincent van Gogh.


Br. 1990: 331 | CL: -
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Michiel de Zwart
Date: The Hague, Wednesday, 14 March 1883

1. Van Gogh had agreed that in future he would pay the rent in three instalments spread over the month (see letter 320).
2. The person meant is Willem Kiesenberg.
3. Earlier there was talk of 4.50 guilders; see letter 320.
4. On this request for the attic room to be modified, see letter 320.