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  1. RM02 Between 1874 and December 1876. Probably sent to Theo van Gogh. Copy of the poem ‘Soirée d’hiver’ by André Lemoyne.
  2. RM03 Copied poems: H.W. Longfellow, ‘Afternoon in February’ and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, ‘Three kings’ daughters fair’. Probably between December 1874 and March 1876.
  3. RM04 Note to Theo van Gogh. Probably between 1875 and 1878.
  4. RM05 Pages sent to Theo with a story addressed to several writers and sundry quotations. Between May and June 1875.
  5. RM06 Note to Theo van Gogh. Paris, probably September or October 1875.
  6. RM07 To Theo van Gogh. Ramsgate, April-May 1876.
  7. RM08 Prose passage copied from Henri Conscience’s Le conscrit (The conscript). Ramsgate or Isleworth, between about July and November 1876.
  8. RM09 Copies of poems. Probably Isleworth, about September 1876.
  9. RM10 Passages copied from the Bible. Dordrecht, probably February-March 1877.
  10. RM11 Prose passage copied from ‘Scheveningen’ by Henri Alphonse Esquiros. Probably May 1877.
  11. RM17 Envelope addressed to Theo van Gogh. After Sunday, 21 April 1889.
  12. RM18 Fragment of a letter to Theo van Gogh containing a copy of the poem ‘St Jerome’s love’ by Thomas Moore. Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, about November-December 1889.
  13. RM25 To Theo van Gogh. Auvers-sur-Oise, Wednesday, 23 July 1890.
letters from Vincent van Gogh
Dated between:
29 September 1872 and 31 July 1890
Theo van Gogh
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