[Letterhead: Maison de Santé Saint-Rémy]

1 July 1890

Dear Sir,
Following your instructions, I am sending you a postal order for 20 francs, the remainder of the amount that I had in my possession.1 I see with pleasure that your health continues to be satisfactory, and that your life in the midst of this world of artists is spent more pleasantly than here.
I shall be happy to hear of your future successes in the various  1v:2 exhibitions in which you will take part.
With my sincerest regards.


Br. 1990: - | CL: -
From: Théophile Peyron
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Tuesday, 1 July 1890

1. When Van Gogh left Saint-Rémy, Peyron must have had money left over from the monthly allowance of 100 francs which Theo sent. From letter 891 it emerges that he wished to settle the account and that Van Gogh had asked him to give the orderlies 10 francs.