Marseille 13 May 1889

Mr Vincent,
If I have delayed in writing to you, I thought I could use my day off to go and see you; as I was not able to come to Arles, I come to ask you for news of your health, are you well recovered since our last conversation?1 You seemed to me disposed to begin your work in earnest again, the countryside is beautiful, you cannot lack for models. You would give me great pleasure if you did me the honour of a reply.
Have you received news of your esteemed brother? As for me, my health is very good. I received a letter from my wife telling me that she is very well, as are Marcelle, Armand and Camille.2 They join me in sending you their respects, and hope  1v:2 that my letter finds you in good health. If you have the occasion to see Mr and Mrs Ginoux and the friends Mr and Mrs Bressy,3 Pelissier4 and all the friends who are interested in me, give them my best regards, or tell Mr Ginoux to do it for you.
My dear Mr Vincent, accept the regards of he who declares himself to be your entirely devoted friend

Roulin, Railway Postman5

57, rue Breteuil, 57.
(Bouches du Rhône)


Br. 1990: 776 | CL: -
From: Joseph Roulin
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Marseille, Monday, 13 May 1889

1. Van Gogh and Roulin had last seen each other around Thursday, 4 April (see letter 754). Apparently he did not know of Van Gogh’s departure for Saint-Rémy; the letter must therefore have been forwarded from Arles.
a. Read: ‘quant à’.
2. Madame Roulin and the children were staying with her mother in Lambesc.
3. Most likely Antoine Bressy, railway employee, and his wife Madeleine Ferrary. They lived in the Quartier de la Cavalerie (ACA). Place Lamartine, on which the Yellow House and Ginoux’s café bordered, was also in this district.
4. Most likely the farmer Antoine Pelissier, who lived in avenue de Montmajour and was, like Roulin, a native of Lambesc (ACA).
b. Read: ‘qu’il le fasse’.
5. Regarding Roulin’s position in Marseille, see letter 736, n. 14.
6. Roulin lived with Joseph Delpal and his wife Julienne Bloyet (Archives Municipales de Marseille). Van Gogh made a note of her name (as ‘Madame Degal’) and address on letter 742.