My dear Theo,
I’m rather surprised that you haven’t written to me once these last few days. However, like the previous time when you went to Holland, it’s above all sheer chance.1
Now I hope that all these things have gone well for you.
In the meantime I’ve been obliged to ask Tasset for 10 metres of canvas and a few tubes.2
Also I still need

12  zinc white  large  tubes
1 Emerald
2 Cobalt
2 Ultramarine
1 Vermilion
4 Veronese Green
3 Chrome I
1       ,,        II
2 Geranium lake medium tubes

I have 6 spring studies, including two large orchards.3 It’s very urgent, because these effects are so fleeting.  1v:2
So write to me by return. I’ve taken an apartment of 2 small rooms at 6 (or 8 francs a month, water included) which belong to Mr Rey.4 It’s certainly not expensive, but not nearly as nice as the other studio.
But to be able to move home and send you a consignment of canvases I would have to pay the other landlord.5 And that’s why I was more or less stunned that you hadn’t sent me anything. But anyway.
Hoping again that all those marriage matters went off to your liking, wishing you and your wife lots of happiness with all my heart

Ever yours,

Signac has asked me to join him in Cassis,6 but seeing as we have enough expenses without that, whatever I do or you do it isn’t within our means.


Br. 1990: 762 | CL: 584
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: Arles, between about Sunday, 14 and about Wednesday, 17 April 1889

1. During Theo’s previous stay in the Netherlands (5–13 January 1889, for the official announcement of the engagement), something had gone wrong with Vincent’s allowance; see letter 741.
2. Van Gogh had last mentioned receiving paint and canvas from Tasset in November 1888 (letter 719).
3. Van Gogh named two of these studies in his letter to Signac (letter 756): La Crau with peach trees in blossom (F 514 / JH 1681 [2779]) and Orchard in blossom with a view of Arles (F 515 / JH 1683 [2780]). The two large orchards are the no. 30 canvases Orchard in blossom with a view of Arles (F 516 / JH 1685 [2781]) and Orchard (F 511 / JH 1386 [2584]). Among these spring studies were also Road with pollard willows (F 520 / JH 1690 [2786]) and Field with flowers under a stormy sky (F 575 / JH 1422 [2606]). Cf. also Feilchenfeldt 2005, pp. 294-295 (he adds Orchard (F 552 / JH 1381 [2579]), but we date that painting to April 1888). Hulsker dates F 511 to April 1888; see letter 607, n. 2.
[2779] [2780] [2781] [2584] [2786] [2606] [2579]
4. Regarding this apartment, see letter 756, n. 6.
5. The owner of the Yellow House was Marie Louise Verdier; Van Gogh paid his rent to Verdier’s agent, Bernard Soulè, who was in charge of the building. See letter 602, n. 19.
6. Signac had proposed this in letter 757.