My dear Vincent
Thank you for replying;1 I see that you’re in a good spot to study the sun that enchants you, and you’re working all the better because the subject grips you. Thank you again for your good will towards me;2 the trade in paintings is so hard in our day and age. Despite that, I’m in a state of constant agony here; money worries are the only ones that have an effect on me, and unfortunately  1v:2 I believe I’m fated always to suffer from them.
Pont-Aven is very dreary at the moment because of the bad weather, continual wind and rain, and I’m waiting for the fine days to get back to work, which I’ve neglected a bit owing to illness.
A cordial handshake.

Pont-Aven — Pension Gloanec


Br. 1990: 588 | CL: GAC 29
From: Paul Gauguin
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Pont-Aven, between about Saturday, 17 and about Monday, 19 March 1888

1. This letter – Van Gogh’s reply to Gauguin’s letter 581 – has not survived.
2. Vincent had urged Theo to do his best to sell Gauguin’s work, and had given Russell and Gauguin each other’s addresses in the hope that Russell might buy a painting from Gauguin. See letter 582 and 583.