My dear friend Rappard,
To my regret I’ve still not had your reply as of today. The more I think about it, the more I, for my part, really do not mind cutting off relations unless you take back once and for all a communication which — in my view — does you no credit. However, I say once more that I’m willing to regard the whole question as a misunderstanding and change nothing in the friendship.
But expressly on condition that you yourself realize — that you’ve made a mistake. Since on no account do I want to keep it dragging on, I ask you to answer me this week. And then, according to your letter, will know what to decide.
Should you not write this week — then I will no longer desire your answer. And time will just have to tell whether your comments on my work and on my person will prove to be justified or not — in good faith or not.



Br. 1990: 520 | CL: R56
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Anthon van Rappard
Date: Nuenen, between about Tuesday, 21 and Friday, 24 July 1885