My dear brother,
Today or tomorrow, being the 1st of June, I promised to pay my landlord 5 guilders rent of studio for the month of April + 7.50 guilders for last month — makes 12.50 guilders.
But not having up to now received any letter of yours since that of May 12th1 I have nothing to pay him his twelve guilders and 50 c with. The man will surely not give me any longer delay but they can immediately sell my furniture publicly. Whatever may be your opinion concerning the things I told you — do not let it come to this scandal. My drawings for C.M. are ready but I shan’t be able to get that money early enough. I say again — let us at all events avoid irregularity and public scandal and talk or write calmly on the subject till we know what ought to be done. So I hope you’ll send me what I so greatly want, and write. I work day and night and have a small drawing ready for you which I’ll send bye and bye.2 b I have no more money for a stamp, excuse the postcard, and believe me

Yours truly,


Br. 1990: 232 | CL: 203
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: The Hague, Tuesday, 30 May 1882

1. But earlier, immediately after receiving it, Van Gogh referred to a letter of 13 May (letter 227).
a. Read: ‘send’.
2. Whether by ‘small drawing’ here Van Gogh was referring to the dimensions is uncertain. A small drawing of a fish-drying barn is not known, but a few days later he sent Theo Fish-drying Barn (F 940 / JH 154 [2377]), which measures 28.5 x 45 cm; see letter 235 and 237. In the latter he also talks about ‘little drawings’ in connection with this drawing.
b. Read: ‘by and by’.