[Letterhead: Goupil The Hague]

The Hague, 24 March 1873

My dear Theo,
Would you mind checking whether a painting by Schotel is still in Brussels?
It was sent from here on consignment on 6 May 1870, but perhaps Uncle has already sent it back to Paris.
If that isn’t the case, however, see that it’s sent here immediately.  1v:2 We have every chance of selling it, but time is of the essence.1
I saw it last summer in your gallery,2 and imagine it’s probably still there.
Bid good-day to Uncle and Aunt3 and Mr Schmidt and Eduard for me.4
You’ll have received my letter by now.5 Adieu, I wish you well.



Br. 1990: 006 | CL: 6
From: Vincent van Gogh
To: Theo van Gogh
Date: The Hague, Monday, 24 March 1873

1. On 6 May 1870 a Seascape was sent by Johannes Christianus Schotel to the art gallery of H.V. van Gogh (Uncle Hein) in Brussels (RKD, Goupil Ledgers). In 1871 this work was sent on to one of the Paris branches, but it must have been sent back to Brussels at some point, since Van Gogh saw it there when he visited the city (between around 15 August and 15 October 1872; see letter 11, n. 8). It is not known whether the work was again sent to Paris.
2. Van Gogh was in Brussels in the summer of 1872; see letter 4.
3. Uncle Hein and Aunt Mietje in Brussels.
5. Letter 5 of 17 March.