1. This was letter 792. Vincent had not written to Theo because he had suffered another attack shortly after his trip to Arles, probably on 16 or 17 July, for otherwise he would have been able to reply to Theo’s letter. Dr Peyron informed Theo of the attack only at the beginning of August (see letter 794). When Van Gogh left the asylum, Peyron described the various attacks in his ‘monthly notes’ in the admissions register of Saint-Rémy. (See Le grand registre de l’asile de Saint-Rémy, in Documentation, 8 May 1889.)
2. Trees with ivy in the garden of the asylum (F 609 / JH 1693 [2789]).
3. Avenue of chestnut trees in blossom (F 517 / JH 1689 [2785]).
4. Orchard in blossom with a view of Arles (F 516 / JH 1685 [2781]) and/or Orchard in blossom with a view of Arles (F 515 / JH 1683 [2780]).
[2781] [2780]
5. The letter from Peyron to Theo is not known.
6. Hendrik and Hermine Bonger were back in Amsterdam on 31 July (FR b2874 and FR b2898).