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848 Theo and Jo van Gogh-Bonger to Vincent van Gogh. Paris, Friday, 31 January 1890. Printed announcement of birth.

No. 848 (Brieven 1990 849, Complete Letters -)
From: Theo van Gogh and Jo van Gogh-Bonger
To: Vincent van Gogh
Date: Paris, Friday, 31 January 1890

Source status
Original manuscript

Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, inv. nos. b1493 a-b V/1962

Letter headed: ‘Paris, le 31 Janvier 1890.’

The envelope has been preserved. Stamp: 15 centimes. The postmark on the front is illegible, apart from ‘PARIS – R [xx] TTON’. The address reads: ‘Monsieur V.W. van Gogh / chez Monsieur le Dr Peyron / St Remy en Provence / Bouches du Rhône’.

original text

Monsieur & Madame Théo. van Gogh-Bonger ont l’honneur de vous faire part de la naissance de leur fils Vincent Willem.1

Paris, le 31 Janvier 1890.

8, cité Pigalle.

 2r:3  2v:4

Mr and Mrs Theo van Gogh-Bonger are honoured to inform you of the birth of their son Vincent Willem.1

Paris, 31 January 1890

8, cité Pigalle.
 2r:3  2v:4
1. These names had been chosen months before. Jo had already written about the name Vincent at the end of June (see letter 786, n. 1). The second Christian name had been decided as early as September 1889 (FR b2907 and b2901).