20 November 1889
St-Rémy in Provence

I accept with pleasure your invitation to exhibit with the Vingtistes.1 Here is the list of canvases I intend for you

No  Sunflowers2
  2 Sunflowers3
  3 The ivy4
  4 Orchard in blossom (Arles)5
  5 Wheatfield. Rising sun (St-Rémy)6
  6 The red vineyard (Montmajour)7
(All these canvases are no. 30 canvases.)

I am perhaps exceeding the 4 metres of room but as I believe that the 6 together, thus chosen, will make a rather varied colour effect, perhaps you will find a way of placing them.
Please accept the expression of my entire fellow-feeling for the Vingtistes.

Vincent van Gogh