1. See letter 623, n. 16, for Russell’s move to Belle-Île in Brittany.
2. See for Gauguin’s Negresses talking or Conversation (Tropics) [108]: letter 627, n. 6.
3. See for Gauguin, Among the mangoes [107]: letter 612, n. 1. Theo had bought the painting for 400 francs at the beginning of January 1888. See Gauguin lettres 1983, p. 33, and Wildenstein 2001, p. 337.
a. Read: ‘St Briac’.
4. For Rodin’s Bust of Mrs Russell [2184], see letter 623, n. 17. Russell must be referring to the preliminary study in wax (Paris, Musée Rodin). Although he writes here that Rodin has finished it, it is clear from the correspondence between the two artists that the silver bust was not completed until 1889. It was shown at the Monet and Rodin exhibition in Georges Petit’s gallery that opened in mid-June 1889. Russell did not get it until after that, as we can see from a letter he wrote to Rodin at the beginning of 1890: ‘We are delighted with the bust of Mrs R’ (Nous sommes très contents du buste de Mme R.). See Claude-Guy Onfray, Russell ou la lumière en héritage. Paris 1995, pp. 157-159.
5. See letter 625, n. 5, for these paintings by Monet.