2Morbihan –

3Jully 22

4My dear Vincent,
5Excuse not
6answering your letter of
7some week or two ago_
8I’ve been much worried
9by the changing to this
10island. packing up &
11other things_1
12It is most good of
13you to give Monsieur Gogouin
14a leg up. Not knowing
15the man I can’t say if
16he deserves it. I hope
17so for your sake_ 1r:2
18I would like to help you_
19But how?
20There is but one
21legitimate way. i_e. By
22purchasing one of his
23works_– The very last
24day in Paris I tried
25to fetch Boussod; Veladon & Cie
26to see the picture you
27speak of/ “niggers &c_/2
28but failed through want
29of time_– For others
30I saw, that big
31one of yours3 unfortunately
32swamps them in my
33opinion_– So I am
34in a fix_ 1v:3
35Young Bernard writes me
36from Ste Briain.a
37Complains much of
38the weather interfering with
39his work.
40Before I left Paris
41I lunched with M. Rodin
42(who has finished a fine
43head of my wife)4 &
44M. Claude Monet_ Saw
45ten of M. Monets pictures
46done at Antibes.5 Very
47fine in color & light &
48a certain richness of
49envelop. But like nearly
50all the so called
51impressionist work the
52form is not enough  1v:4
53studied. The big mass of
54form I mean. The trees
55too much wood in Branches
56for the size of Trunk &
57so against fundamental
58law of nature. A lack
59of construction everywhere_
60He is undoubtedly a
61remarkable colorist. &
62full of courage in
63attacking difficult
64problems. We should
65all do the same_– ’Tis
66the only way to get
67strong. Luckily here in
68Belle-Île I am forced
69to try all things – figures/
70landscape, sea, cattle
71&c &c. otherwise would

- The letter has not survived in its entirety; it ends in the middle of a sentence and there is no signature.