54 rue Lepic

Dear Sir,
I’ve spoken to Mr Boggs about the meeting I had with you1 and if you would like to do an exchange with him2 be bold about it, because you’ll see fine things at his place3 and he’ll be very pleased to make your acquaintance.
I also propose myself for an exchange.4 I happen to have 2 views of the Moulin de la Galette that I could spare.5
Hoping to see you one of these days, then, I shake your hand.

Yours truly,

Do go and see my brother too (Goupil & Cie, 19 boulevard Montmartre), he has a very fine Degas at the moment.6 At Tanguy’s I had another look at your young girl with hens,7 that’s just the study I’d like to exchange with you. Enclosed, one of my brother’s cards,8 if you didn’t find him there you could always go up and look at the paintings.