1. This financial matter must have to do with a loan from Theo to his cousin Hendrik Jacob Eerligh van Gogh (a son of Uncle Jan); this explains Vincent’s ‘much less favourable impression’ of this cousin in the following lines. See also letters 336 and 342.
2. Hendrik van Gogh and his young bride Maria Elisabeth Vos had left for the Dutch East Indies in September 1877; cf. letter 131. It is not known whether illness played a role in their return, but it is certain that about 18 months later Hendrik was suffering severe fits and was admitted to hospital (FR b2258 and FR b2261).
3. Hendrik’s brothers were Vincent and Johannes van Gogh.
4. Theo had sent Vincent a sample of paper for lithographing that had been given to him by Félix Buhot. See e.g. letters 290 and 295.
5. Van Gogh was 30 on 30 March.
a. Means: ‘beperkingen’ (restrictions).
6. Probably an allusion to the print The harbour of refuge [1414] by Frederick Walker; see letters 303, n. 12 and 304, n. 16.
7. Adrianus Jacobus Zuyderland, who often modelled for Van Gogh.
8. The Paris Salon opened on 1 May 1883.