1. Van Gogh’s new address was Schenkweg 136 (from 1884 number 13), an upstairs flat immediately next to his previous dwelling. The rental business was looked after by M.A. de Zwart, the son of the owner P.W. de Zwart (see letters 222, n. 17 and 241, n. 5).
2. Men from P.W. de Zwart’s carpenter’s yard. Van Gogh drew this yard, which his house looked out on, more than once. See exhib. cat. The Hague 1990, pp. 21-29.
3. A.J. van der Drift.
4. The hospital porter was to keep any post that came for Van Gogh; see letter 241.
a. Variant of ‘schaften’.
5. The director of the hospital where Van Gogh was treated was Gerrit Pieter van Tienhoven. See Haeseker and Koch 1992, p. 82.
6. For this storm, see letter 222.
7. This drawing of fishing boats is unknown. Later in the month Van Gogh sent a letter sketch after a watercolour he had done of this subject (251).
8. The small and the larger version of Sorrow that Theo had in his possession at this point are not known. See also letter 216, n. 3.