1. On 4 July the director of the University Hospital in Leiden registered the birth of Willem Hoornik on 2 July 1882; Sien’s occupation was given as ‘seamstress’. When Sien married Arnoldus Franciscus van Wijk (deceased 12 March 1916) at Rotterdam on 4 September 1901, he recognised Willem as his son. Willem van Wijk, as he was known from then on, died on 4 November 1958 at Maastricht (GAM). See also letter 224 and Hulsker 1993-2, pp. 41-53; cf. Wilkie 1978, pp. 181-207 (he insinuates that Van Gogh was the father).
2. Albrecht Dürer, The promenade, c. 1497-1498, engraving (H83, B94). Ill. 87 [87].
3. ‘White discharge’ is an abnormal, profuse mucous secretion from the vagina and the womb, also known as fluor albus.
a. St John’s growth is the new growth on trees around St John’s day, i.e. 24 June.
4. The two drawings are Sien’s mother’s house (F 941/ JH 146 [2373]) and Sien’s mother’s house (F 942/ JH 147); the second is the larger. Van Gogh wrote his letter in this house at Slijkeinde, corner of Breedstraat 31a.
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