1. Two paintings by Mauve, Vaches (Cows) and Vaches dans une lande (Cows on a moor), were to be exhibited at the Salon of 1876. See exhib. cat. Paris 1876, p. 177, cat. nos. 1426-1427. One of the two can be identified with the help of its illustration in L’Art, Revue Hebdomadaire Illustrée 2-3 (1876), p. 78. Ill. 1765 [1765].
[75] [76] [1765]
2. On Saturday, 8 April Theo’s sales trip took him to Breda; he probably visited his parents in Etten that weekend. The trip was to start on 29 March. Cf. letter 70, n. 2.
3. Cf. Gal. 5:22, Eph. 4:2 and Col. 3:12.
4. Aunt Cornelie van Gogh-Carbentus, a sister of Mrs van Gogh, was married to Uncle Vincent, a brother of Mr van Gogh.
5. Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton, Kenelm Chillingly, his adventures and opinions (1873) was reprinted a number of times. In this popular novel’s year of publication a Dutch translation was already available: Kenelm Chillingly, door E.G. Bulwer-Lytton. Translated from the English by D. Beets. 3 vols. Haarlem (Bohn) 1873, and, without mention of the translator, in 3 vols. Leiden (De Breuk en Smits) 1873. The Van Gogh family was already familiar with the book. On 18 November 1874, Mr van Gogh wrote to Theo from Helvoirt: `We read aloud quite often in the evenings and are now reading Bulwer’s Chillingly, in which we find a lot that is beautiful. At first that young man couldn’t get along in real life’ (FR b2733).